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    Ultimate in ease of use – large grip size •RipCord easy adjustment system - simply pull RipCord to unlock 3D-Sling and rotate grip to a new position. You don’t need to remove grips from their mount. Simple and quick! •Includes 2 Black Diamond Oval ‘biners (integral to the RipCord adjustment system) •5mm flexible Sterling Accessory Cord in the...

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    The angle Pocket Rocks hang at can be changed by adjusting the relative size of the two loops of the 3D-Slider sling. The ends of the cord are knotted and fixed on one end of the grip. On the other end of the grip, the cord freely slides back and forth through the grip changing the relative size of each loop and thus the angle they hang at.

    $ 500.00
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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items